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Jun. 22nd, 2010 (UTC)

Well, I think your ZOMG THIS IS ALL AMAZING is a straw man, but sure, not everyone goes through culture shock every time they move.

I see what you mean about missing honeymoon stage now. I think that was sorta what I was getting at. I've had lots of friends come back to the US expecting things to be dreamy and then it takes them by surprise when they're irritated by things. So I guess I threw the honeymoon stage thing in there at the end to say that I intended to follow up the post with another one about the downsides of coming home. So far, though, I'm still too damn happy. :-) My only complaints so far are that the bookstores close too early (9! It's not even dark out at 9!) and that my best friend is now in a really inconvenient time zone. ;-)

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