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It's been a good day. I was moderately busy all day meeting with freshmen about their first English papers, and I met briefly with a colleague about a possible collaboration that will make me fabulously happy if it comes to fruition. And I am absurdly cheered by little things, like that my fingernails are still painted black from a party this weekend for which I got all gothed out.

Then after work some students invited me along to iftar at an Indian restaurant I hadn't been to before. Yummy dosas and lovely palak paneer ensued, along with requisite geeky conversation about inductive proofs, greedy pirates, and whether Thomas Aquinas' fourth proof of the existence of God actually proves the existence of the maximally hot chick.

For the last week I've been back on the medicine that makes me really depressed. Today we halved my dosage, and I was somewhat trepidatious about what would happen. It turns out that, and this was probably somewhat predictable, withdrawing a drug that makes me dysphoric makes me... really, really euphoric. So between dinner and our scuba lesson I spent an hour blissed out on the couch listening to Pink Floyd.

It's been a good day.
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