Marjorie in Qatar (qatar) wrote,
Marjorie in Qatar

We're on a boat!

Today was our officially archaeology-free day, since Justin reminded me as
I put our itinerary together that I always THINK I want vacations to be an endless string of archaeological sites, but actually I don't. So we bummed around the very pretty Venetian port town of Chania, alternating who got to choose each activity. We started at one of two maritime museums, then moved onto a small archaeological museum (oops, I'm bad at archaeology-free days), then a small zoo with a couple of the local species of mountain goat, then a mosque that got turned into a church, then the Venetian batlements and lighthouse. These were all interspersed with much sitting in cafes and wandering around old parts of the city. Crete has a really interesting history, partially because at some point it's been conquered by pretty much everybody, so there was a lot to absorb.

We're now back on the ferry back to Athens. I explored this one a little more than the last; it has two restaurants, a casino, a disco, and shopping on board. Justin tells me the one in the other direction had a swimming pool and a movie theatre, too. I guess this must be what cruises are like! It's a shame we're only on board till 6 am!
Tags: greece, travel

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